Feb 16, 2012

The End of the QR Code and the Beginning of MVS

I can't say that I've been much of a fan of the QR code.  At first it was interesting because is was the latest technological ephemera and I had a new smartphone, but a year and a half later I don't do the QR code.  Actually, I've only used one 2-3 times ever. Museums have started using them (see earlier post), but they are always slow to implement new technology, and I doubt many people actually use them at the museum.  In fact less than 5% of the US public has even interacted with a QR code.  And  now infected QR codes are emerging that can lead to identity theft or hidden SMS texting charges.
Now there is a more visual replacement for the QR code called Mobile Visual Search (MVS).  This technology allows the user to take a picture of a product or log and you will receive information on that image within seconds.  With MVS you are connecting with an image instead of a strange blob of code, its more human and less abstract.  Also, MVS is more secure than the QR code and limits your risk of downloading a trojan or virus because you are looking at an actual image and not an imbedded code field.

Source Mashable 

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