Jan 16, 2012

British mad about Winnie the Pooh's Americanisms and Errors

New Disney editions of Winnie the Pooh are strewn with Americanisms and errors.  Skipping ropes are now called jump ropes and Linda Weeks, a mother and a librarian who has gotten really mad about all this, sounds off
"There are so many things- they talk about them playing chequers, instead of chess or draughts."
"A.A. Milne would have never written the word 'gotten', so why has it been put in there?"

Ok, I partially understand where Linda is coming from.  I certainly wouldn't want Huckleberry Finn's dialect toyed with....but Winnie the Pooh isn't associated with a time or place, except for being British and old.  It's just a timeless tale being updated for modern children.  At least they are playing chequers and not Pokemon, eh Linda?
Read more about it in The Telegraph.

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