Jan 28, 2012

Patron-Proof Pelican iPad Case

Photo Charlie Sorrel
I had been reading a lot about the Mediasurfer self-service Apple iPad checkout kiosk system for libraries that was on display at the ALA Midwinter Meeting.  It was mentioned that patrons could possibly take them home overnight and my initial reaction was, "I hope that kiosk comes with an iPad factory."   I posted a comment on the No Shelf Required and Sue Polanka said that the iPad was encased in a hard plastic frame that looked durable.  But, she added, the screen was exposed.  A perpetually exposed screen is doomed, I thought. Well now there is the Pelican iPad case as seen over at Gadget Lab.  This thing looks stampede proof.  The case snaps shut, protecting the screen while not in use, and it can hold a Bluetooth keyboard and a iPad Power Brick.  The case is $50 which is very cheap for what you get, but it adds to the iPad's already steep price (and bad sweatshop karma).  However, that is way better than an iPad shattered on a patron's linoleum.

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