Feb 2, 2012

Whither QR Code?

I go to museums on a regular basis and I am a very curious hominid.  However although I have seen plenty of QR codes incorporated into exhibits and I have an Android phone, I have only used one once (in a museum setting) and I can't remember what happened. (But in my defense I am usually running after a five year old)  So unfortunately I can't add much to this discussion.  But this is where my surrogate comes in, Hugh Wallace the head of digital media at the National Museum of Scotland, is not impressed. and feels that no digital media has been so "badly implemented and inconsistently applied" as the QR code in a museum exhibit.  So he has made it his job to improve the QR experience by focusing on "content and context" for the National Museum of Scotland's 26 Treasures Project which he believes will  enhance the physical museum experience.  Read more about how he has accomplished this over at The Feast Bowl.

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