Apr 4, 2012

Look Like an Android with Android Glasses

Come at me bro.
Glasses, disappointingly, do no fire force beams
The Bits Blog at the New York Times has written a piece about Google developing glasses,called Project Glass, that will stream information in front of your eyes.  The glasses will be Android based with a 3G or 4G data connection.  They will also contain sensors, GPS, and a camera.  To navigate the device the user tilts their head to scroll and click (And you thought people wearing Bluetooths in their ears talking to themselves looked like freaks). Supposedly the glasses will be released at the end of the year. Here is a quote from the Bits Blog:
The project is currently being built in the Google X offices, a secretive laboratory near Google’s main campus that is charged with working on robots, space elevators and dozens of other futuristic projects.
A SPACE ELEVATOR!  Holy ****!  Who gives a flip about those stupid glasses.

Source Bits Blog Project Glass

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