Mar 27, 2012

Pottermore...or less

Pottermore, a site dedicated to Harry Potter ebooks, is finally offering.... Harry Potter ebooks.  This thing started up in June of 2011 so it took them a while to get going.  And yes it is the only place on Earth to get digital Harry Potter.
8 bucks will get you any of the first three novels, but the final four are $10 apiece, or you can get all of of them for $58.  "Wait a minute that doesn't add up it should be $64."  Well that's because it is a special deal.
The Wall Street Jounal says
All of which is great, if rather insane. There cannot be any other publication or franchise on the planet that could get away with a dedicated system like this to sell just seven books. About childhood wizards. Well done, J.K.  
 Yes well done JK (insert slow clapping).

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