Apr 19, 2012

James Joyce's Manuscripts are now available Online, Thanks to a Jerk

A page from Ithaca.
The National Library of Ireland has published James Joyce's manuscripts online and I have been enjoying perusing them.  Some are from Ulysses and other writings while others are just scribblings of poems and ballads from other writers (he really likes Ben Jonson and Aristotle).  It's just great to see genius in their creative process.
The NLI had its hand forced when a controversial Joyce scholar, Danis Rose, published the manuscripts under the umbrella of a strange EU copyright law
“there is a provision in law (EU copyright law) that the first person to publish previously unpublished material entering the public domain acquires economic rights equivalent to copyright for a period of 25 years”.
Some of the published volumes are priced as high as 250 euros.
Can't wait to publish my book of JK Rowling manuscripts in Europe.

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