Mar 4, 2012

Waiting and Waiting for QR Codes to Die

Somebody get me a ladder dammit! I can't let a QR Code go unscanned!
The QR Code is ridiculous, but mostly harmless (There are malicious ones out there, be wary).  What it is... or was, was a technological fad.  I've never been hurt by a QR Code, well I did stare at one until my eyes hurt trying to make the magic 3D whale or Knight Rider or whatever appears in those things that look like QR Codes. But some people are wishing for its quick death (Gizmodo)while others are finding some funny before the funeral (WTF QR Codes).  But as for me, I can't wait for the next great tech fad, like Facebook for cats.  Crap! it's already here.

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