Feb 16, 2012

Vennesla Library and Cultural Center

Beautiful new library or airport from Norway.

Vennesla library and cultural center', a multi-level public facility in Vennesla, Norway. serving as
a spatial connector between an existing community house, learning center, and a public square,
the design is a direct result of the synergetic coupling of structures, manifesting as a series of gradually shifting ribs that provide structure in addition to furniture and storage for technical devices.focusing on creating an inviting public domain, the library brings the city life into and through the building.
a large glass facade serves as an open interface between the interior and the city's main square,
while an urban loggia provides sheltered outdoor seating for visitors. in order to reduce the energy needs
of all three buildings, two long facades of the existing structures were used to minimize on total surface of
the exterior walls. all new walls, floors and roof have been equipped with high-standard energy solutions.

I like the synergy of different public spaces connected together.  The cold, cloudy climate makes this place a perfect refuge.  I could take a nap right now. 

Source designboom 

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