Feb 19, 2012

A Book Artist Extraordinaire

Guy Laramee's book art is the best book art since the Edinburgh Library Phantom, not that I've seen any other art made out of books since then but I'm sure that if I had it wouldn't be as good as this.  The first exhibit is entitled Biblios and it makes sense, you know books into mountains, Petra, the Grand Canyon and such, beautifully realized.  The next exhibit is entitled The Great Wall,  Chinese landscapes, sure that makes sense, until you the read artist statement and it gets a little weird.  Supposedly it is set in the 23rd century and China has taken over the American Empire and made them build a "great wall" around their country but then China remembers its Middle Kingdom roots of Taoism and Buddhism and their empire collapses.  You can't make this up, well he did.  Did I mention that the art is fantastic?
Source Guy Laramee

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