Feb 22, 2012

The Godzilla of my Dreams

This is a very cool picture of Godzilla about to smack down Ghidora by artist Charles Santoso.  When I was a kid I was obsessed  with Godzilla and King Kong.  At my elementary school there was a set of books called the Monster Series and each one was about a different movie monster.  I think for a year, maybe when I was in first grade, I only checked out these books from the school library.  The internet says these books were horribly written, but I don't know if I even noticed the words because it had pictures of Godzilla breathing radiation on stuff and even a picture of Godzilla flying backward while holding the Smog Monster (his flight was powered by his stank radioactive breath).  How can anything get better than that?
Read some more teary-eyed Godzilla confessions over at Amazon and check out more of Charles Santoso's awesome art here and here.

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