Jan 22, 2012

Too Big for an Insane Asylum too small for a Country

Newt Gingrich, the Santa-looking anti-Santa, has won my home state South Carolina's primary.  That man is so dang smart.  He sassed John King and now he's the next president.  I hear he's going to pick Niki Haley for his first lady...shhh, she don't know it yet.  But unfortunately he fell victim to one of the state's customs.  During his victory speech he looked surprised as he was whisked away to the Strom Thurmond shaped wicker man and set alite.  Asked if he'd survive one local said, "We done the same thing to John McCain last time and heck I think it helped him.  He looked a pale ole haunt afore and I thank it gave him some color.  Newt's pudgetie belly might not fare too well though.  But he could stand to lose a few."

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