Jan 19, 2012

Tinker, RipTaylor, Soldier, Spy, Projectionist

This is the new La Biblioteca movie club.  Unfortunately it only has one member, me.  And this post is mostly a complaint and not a review.  Here it is- I have tried 3 times to see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy at Columbia's independent movie theater, the Nickelodeon, and three times I have been thwarted.  First time it was sold out- it happens.  The second time the projector broke and I waited for forty minutes for them to fix it to no avail-it happens.  The third time the film melted when the Focus Feature logo flashed and I waited for thirty minutes for them to fix it to no avail while the projectionist ran up and down the aisle like a younger, sadder Rip Taylor talking about how terrible he was.  Then they gave me a movie pass that was expired (I noticed later). That was too much.  Please Nickelodeon do not have an exclusive engagement with a supposedly awesome movie and then don't hire a projectionist for it.  Nor give out expired passes to overworked grad students with a five year old boy at home, meaning I have limited time and patience.  That is all.

ps I still like the place but can't wait for them to move to their new theater which I'm sure will be stuffed to the gills with qualified projectionists.

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